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  2. Presentation of ZuluTrade
  3. Choice of the providers and parameter setting of its account
  4. My performances in 2014
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  10. Questions and answers
  11. 5 methods to choose the experts
  12. How to choose between micro account, mini account or traditional account?
  13. How to choose the broker on line to be used with zulu trade?
  14. Management of its capital
  15. Other automated platforms of trading
  16. How to transfer its funds? When and how to carry out a withdrawal of its funds?
  17. How to declare its benefit with the taxes? Article on the taxation. (in french)
  18. Any knowledge on the indicator margin call- o-meter
  19. Helps with the parameter settings of the full number of simultaneously open trades maximum.
  20. Summary to make a success of its demo
  21. My story about Fap Turbo
  22. Forex MegaDroid Product
  23. Binary options, how to start with
  24. Option Bot Review
Zulutrade capital !!!

I present myself, I am called Michel Astrelin and I am engineer for an international group. My monthly net incomes are approximately of 3000 euros. that made now two years that I seek on Internet how to obtain an additional income thanks to Internet and with new technologies, and I think of having found it.
Before going further, I make a point of specifying that I do not sell anything. You will not see either publicity on this site.
I am here to share my experiment and to listen to those of the others, I do not encourage anybody to make like me, with you to judge if that is worth the blow to test or not.
During several years, I speculated and like 90% of people, I lost my money! To be made money out of purse, it is not to give to everyone! I tested the technical analysis but good, frankly, that does not go. It is easy to say by reading a historical graph of stock exchange courts and associated technical indicators that the action will go up or drop. But in real-time it is another history!

I leave the simple report which is that I will not let no matter whom do my work of engineer, then why the amateur of purse which I am, would succeed on a field which is not it his? Consequently, I sought experts out of purse on whom I could press me.
My research led me to Zulutrade: ZuluTrade is an automated platform of trading. You choose among the many stock exchange experts and the signals will be automatically transmitted on your account. Zulutrade is completely free. No knowledge out of purse is necessary! All that you have to make is to register you in Zulutrade and to add the best stock exchange experts. I explain you all in lower part. You can also consult the questions that one most frequently poses to me.

Some figures which show the serious one of Zulutrade: Zulutrade was created in 2006. C ? is a society based with Wall Street weighing several hundreds of million dollars. More than 30.000 people the orders of the stock exchange experts follow automatically, representing an annual volume of 15 billion dollars! ZuluTrade is present aujourd ? today in 5 countries: The United States, China, Japan, Spain and Greece (country of the cofounder of Zulutrade). They will open very soon antennas in D ? other countries. The site is from now on available in French since the beginning of June. The ZuluTrade support is very receptive at the requests of the French-speaking users, then do not hesitate.


Who are the stock exchange experts? How to choose them?

Zulutrade Experts
Caution: I highly disadvise to you the experts (Signal provider) with a triangle with a point of exclamation. In fact, these experts are very risky! The potential of profit is enormous but for a risk even higher! I advise you to choose the 15 best experts not having risky profiles.

My performances in 2014

Zulutrade account Zulutrade account per week

Caution: My last performances are not indicative of my future results. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee profits comparable with the miens to you.

Zulutrade developed its own methodology to choose the signal providers, I advise you to go to see
this Web page.

Try Zulutrade for one month for free

Which are the conditions to use Zulutrade?

  1. To fill and sign the contract with the broker (to be made directly on line)
  2. To fill and sign the form with income tax return - W-8 BEN (to be made directly on line)
  3. To fill the form with additional disclosure of risk (to be made directly on line)
  4. To send by email or fax 2 photocopies of identity papers: photocopies of your passport, driving licence, indentity card, or bank card.
  5. To send a message to the broker by saying that you wish to open a micro account (200: 1).
  6. To send by email or fax the file complete and signed this agreement to the broker.
  1. To speak about this site to your friends    Parler de ce site
  2. To make a gift by Paypal
  3. Use my affiliate link to to open a real account on Zulutrade : I coache the users who open an account at least 1000$ !

The last performances do not guarantee the future performances!

ZuluTrade swindles?

If you think that Zulutrade is one swindles, I advise you to visit this French forum Trader Forex. By carrying out research on google, you will find other experiments of trading on zulu trade.
Zulutrade is not an infallible method to gain out of purse: you follow the orders of experts of the purse but these experts are the human ones above all. only decide to you to take my advice.

Vidos of demonstration of Zulutrade

Useful bonds (discussion forum, experiments of trading, opinions on Zulu trade, resources on the FOREX)

Forum: Where it is question of Zulutrade (in French)
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On Facebook: Group Facebook (international)
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Group on Google: (in French)
FAQ: Questions of the Net surfers (in French)

To download free the Zulutrade guide of the user


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