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Alternate platforms of trading automated in Zulutrade

  1. Collective2 (c2)
  2. AVA autotrader


Collective2 is like a hedge funds “C-it-yourself”. (= automatic)
On C2, you will find more than 8653 of the strategies of negotiation. You can combine these strategies in order to create your own hedge funds. Here how.
First of all, to examine the strategy of each track record on C2.
(A strategy can be simply a system of stock-picking, or as complex as the future ones, the derivative products, options, and systems of exchange.)
Then, choose some systems which you want. Sail for the details.
When you find a strategy which you wish, click on a button to activate our revolutionary technology of autoTrade… the trades are placed into real on your compt in your broker!
(While exchanging and by combining the various systems of negotiation, you can create a wallet of strategies who are complementary the ones the others and to reduce the total risk.)
Guess what? You can become a HEDGE FUNDS without needing to be millionaire or to pay scandalous expenses.
Allow me to show you how C2 functions…

AVA autotrader

The car trading is a revolution in the market of the trading on line. Front, you needed to buy or sell financial instruments. Now, you can choose among a broad range of strategies, and to buy the strategy which is most effective, during your time of time. Once you buy the strategy, the trades are carried out automatically on your account, enabling you to earn money 24 hours per day without problem. No-claims bonus with the opening until July 17
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Invest out of purse differently, without stress, quiet and peinard

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