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Fap Turbo, a product that has proven

Preamble: if you want to access the editor page of FapTurbo program, please follow this link.


robot proves to be a robot in two parts: a scalper but also a long-term strategy.
The scalper is in a part of the robot that trade in scalping. Yes great, it is with? In fact scalping is presented as a way to trade on the forex fairly short. We take a position, we look for a small profit but is cut position. Small profit, but often.

Long-term strategy, it is going to take positions to a bigger profit. However, it will wait longer on average to achieve its profit.

Both parties are controlled by strict management of capital to meet with two very important things:
The best
So following this file explaining the installation of the robot on the Metatrader platform FAPTURBO 4/5 (a free platform provided by all brokers) I run this robot to attack the market by giving my starting capital of $ 1,000 .

You can start with $ 100 capital management is responsible for everything, as long as you choose a good broker who accepts as LiteForex micro lots (0.01 lot that you do not commit as little capital position)

I leave a little tense FAPTURBO "turn" all alone on LiteForex. To my surprise, he decides that this is not the time for that trader but wait!

With yes, this market analysis determines whether conditions are good or not according to him. It has three levels of market

- Not by trade because the market is not good.

The next day, trade possible, the ball is also open and capital gains also 1 trade good, 2nd good trade, etc ...

I'm starting to not really count but look at my capital grow. However it works then!

It happens to manage volatility high or low, to manage the differences between the purchase price but also sales (spreads) are too high.
The forex robot terrain anything.

Warning I am not saying that it never gets lost. It happens to him of course but they are a minority compared to the gains.
However, as this shows their real account on their website, the gains are really the majority and also exceed the losses.
One of these accounts start at $ 5,000, but the divide in order to estimate your potential earnings and you will be surprised (if your account is $ 100 be by dividing earnings by 50)

What I especially liked:
  1. - community (with a population growth seen this number by new members every day), which allows to exchange settings and also other tips FAPTURBO.
  2. - Ease of use: you put out with it all, nothing else to do than watch them without touching them.

Now, some of you do not have the opportunity to leave their PC on, but also connected to the Internet 24h/24h.

Or because the PC must be turned off or you do not have access to Internet streaming (area not covered by ADSL or other which requires a connection through PSTN)
Because for this robot works, it must be active 24h/24h.

The solution exists, it is called VPS hosting (virtual private server). Personally I use 1and1 VPS offers 9 / month ( link here - click Servers and Virtual Servers on). This website allows a server to itself, with a monthly rental, where your robot will be installed and also work 24h/24h.

This type of accommodation gives you the assurance that no power failure, virus or do anything which might disrupt your trades.
Indeed, if trades are open and also that the robot can not manage, they can cause a loss.
So you have this solution, which I consider very seriously use.
Why I plan to pay $ 69 a month for a VPS?
For the simple reason that despite my notebook that puts me in the shelter of a power outage, my adsl modem it has no battery ... I could very well use an inverter, but the proposed solution appeals to me more.
As nothing to the touch, and as its name suggests: I put the Forex Auto Pilot Turbo.

I leave that to the website FAPTURBO to show you their numbers.
They have their real accounts that are displayed on their site with updated every 15 minutes. Go see it .... you will see.
Here is a PDF file on the installation FAPTURBO and settings files that I use .

questions? remarks, do not hesitate to contact me.

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