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(expert signal providers)

The signal providers, in French the suppliers of signals, are traders which share their standpoint with the users of Zulutrade.
You can reach the performances of the signal providers via this bond.
To choose the suppliers of signals, there is no ideal method. Several approaches are possible. The first rule to be respected is to follow the indicator margin cal-O-meter. This indicator is your level of risk. Lower than 100%, you limit the risk (the risk exists all the same but it is fable). For what relates to me, I accept a risk of 200% (I encourage anybody to make like me, with the passing, I had certainly chance. Today my account was multiplied by 12 and the margin available also)
To reconsider the choice of the providers, there are several criteria to take into account: your capital and your margin available, your level of risk, your type of investment.


Zulutrade, (zulu trade), is an automated platform of trading in which you follow suppliers of signals in manner free. The suppliers are remunerated by their own performances and the number of users who follow them.

with you to judge purse triangles

The experts at the risk are marked in the mitre performance on Zulutrade by a red triangle with a point of exclamation. According to your profile of risk, you decide to add this expert on your account. Personally, as soon as an expert enters in situation of risk, I replace it by a less risky expert.

call for additional cover at fxcm

Margin cal, call for additional cover, correspond to your capital not invested in currencies which is used to you as protection to your funded capital. For example, for a mini account FXCM with action leverage of 200, and a capital of $1,000 and 3 mini batches (1 mini batch = 10000$), is 150$ invested of its capital (3 mini batches with 10000$/lever of 200 = 150$). There remains 850$ of capital not invested being used as call for additional cover. What represents 850 pips call for additional cover.

money + purse + Internet

If you seek a method by Internet to invest out of purse and to earn money, to test Zulutrade. The result is not guaranteed, but the potential is very interesting. The concept exists since the end of 2007. Approximately 50000 users throughout the world. Several hundreds of French. Test one month in DEMONSTRATION. Bond towards Zulutrade

swindle gain L ? money, it does not matter if the stock exchange prices

If you think that Zulutrade is one swindles, I advise you to visit this French forum Trader Forex. By carrying out Internet search, you will find other experiments of trading on zulutrade

easy way purse Internet

Afflicted there does not exist method miracle. Nevertheless, while automatically taking the advice of experts of trading, and parameterizing your account intelligently, you can obtain one more been worth considerable. I will not speak to you about my experiment but that of Foamed, young African economist, graduate of a business school, which invested 500 dollars and which a few months after poster a profit of 1000$.

easy way of trade

Another way of using Zulutrade is to follow the suppliers of signals in an indirect way. I am explained, you select ten experts and manually follow them to you on your account. For example, so at least 3 suppliers give opinions with the sale on such pair of currencies, then follow them manually to you. For the people who have the practice of trading on the FOREX, it is another method of investment which deserves to be to test.

easy way to make money on Internet

Afflicted there does not exist method miracle. Nevertheless, while automatically taking the advice of experts of trading, you minimize the risk of failure. By parameterizing the indicator cal margin cal-O-meter at 100% and by choosing the experts recognized of all, you will see your borne fruit capital. I cannot promise a result to you but the potential is important.

easy way to gain with the purse

If you seek a new method of modern investment, which will become a standard in the future, I advise you to test Zulutrade which is an automated platform of trading in which the user can pass manually from the orders or follow traders automatically. Some traders present have performances out of the commun run (95% of trades gaining, 3000 pips profit per month)

easy way to earn money with the trading

The easy way to earn money with the trading is to be made help by experts. Made a test in DEMONSTRATION, I think that can you interest

easy way for the purse

Zulutrade is an astute method to place its money out of purse. You do not need to follow minute after minute the orders on your account. The orders passed automatically on your account as soon as the suppliers of signals pass really the order on their own account.

avafx selector

AVA FX selector is an option for the users of AVA FX automatically to follow the signals of suppliers of trades. The concept is similar to Zulutrade. You can reach it here

avafx zulutrade

AVA FX and Zulutrade are complementary. The opening of a Zulutrade account associated on an account AVA FX is possible and is interesting financially. Indeed, AVA FX proposes a no-claims bonus of 100$ + 10% of the funded capital (maximum 1000$). The users of AVA FX are satisfied and did not highlight a bugs.

bolsa of valores paypal

The basic deposit and the basic withdrawal are possible on paypal for broker AVA FX, and FXCM

purse 2009 zulutrade

Zulutrade will be most probably the standard of the trading future. Indeed, the fact of being able automatically to follow the orders of experts of the purse is an important competitive advantage. We know all that the purse is a market with null sums. What some gain of others loses. The American estimates evoke that only 15% of the traders are profitable and nonprofitable 85%. To follow 15% of the traders which gain their life or a complement of income while tradant easily since their computer is with range of everyone. To test Zulutrade in DEMONSTRATION during 1 month

infallible purse methods

There does not exist to my knowledge of infallible method. Nevertheless with Zulutrade, the risk of failure is considerably reduced, if one follows security instructions and if the good suppliers of signals are chosen

purse payment broker gold broker - loan - credit

The payment of the broker (deposit of funds or withdrawal) are carried out by credit card, credit transfer, paypal and other methods of modern payment (Neteller.)

purse for gagnier of the money

If you did not succeed in earning money following traditional investments out of purse, to consider another way of investing. Not to only invest more, to invest while following experts of trading, experts who earn money and who with the help of a commission make public the orders passed on their accounts.

purse for gagnier of the money easily

The guarantee to gain out of purse easily is unfortunately a mirage. On the other hand, there exist means to minimize the risks to fail. The goal that you must have is to immediately form part of the 15% of the traders which earn money out of purse (which divides the funded capital by 85% of the traders loser). How to make to gain? pose you to it question with back, how to make not to lose or at least, less often than the others? One of the solutions to be considered is to invest while following the trades of experts automatically. If the concept is interesting, the difficulties are quite real, I highly advise you to test during 1 month in DEMONSTRATION. To test Zulutrade in DEMONSTRATION during 1 month

purse summons advised

The sum to be invested out of purse and more precisely on Zulutrade must answer several questions: which type of account wish to have to you: count standard (at least 10000$), mini account (at least 1000$), or counts micro so lower. The other question to be posed depends on the risk which you wish to take. To answer this question, I do not have a reference mark to give you but a council, always take a sufficient margin when you tradez. At least 75%-80% of your capital should not be invested when 20-25% of your capital is invested. These 75-80% are used as call for additional cover, of life buoy if the orders of experts go in the bad direction. You should be prepared. For that, to test and retester still. Zulutrade has a large potential but is very then risky prudence

purse zulutrade

Zulutrade is a stock exchange new approach. Until investing there out of purse is an individual act. Zulutrade makes it possible private individuals to invest out of purse not only, while following experts in an automatic way. That being nothing prevents trader manually.

it is which it better stockbroker on Internet

FXCM is known like an excellent broker. AVA FX and FXDD are good brokers, with services customers of quality

to change lever at fxcm

Contact the service support customers of fxcm which will answer your question very quickly.

how to consult technical analysis avafx

You can consult the technical analysis avafx while following this bond

how to make money with the purse

A method that I tested to make a success of out of purse where others fail it is Zulutrade. Zulutrade, it is new, it is trading automated on the FOREX. To try one month to free include/understand the concept. To open an account Zulutrade DEMONSTRATION

classification zulutrade

The majority of the sites of forex will show you the performances of the systems in top of the classification. But in general, that does not take into account the feasibility of this performance in its reality. For example, when a system opens exchanges more and more, without closing the precedents, your account needs to have much margin available (funds) to be able to open new positions as they are presented. But actually, your account is likely not to be able to open several positions at the same time, because of the requirements of margins Our system, ZuluRank, takes into account of many factors such as maturity (since how long a system was launched), the exposure (how much positions can be at the same time open) and the drawdown (how much tops and low knew the system) in order to provide you a simple tool to visualize the systems which are powerful as well as possible strategies of trading. Please note that the results of the ZuluRank system are completely generated by computer. Consequently, the systems are classified without human opinion or strategic preferences, and you can choose among a large variety of systems which can correspond to the majority of the styles of trading. We continue to improve Zulutrade by adding more systems, by refining our technology and placing our service at the disposal of our traders in the whole world.

how zulutrade functions

The user has absolute control on his selected account and each provider which will carry out the trade. After having selected a provider for car-trader on your account, you can manage your account in the following way: to increase or reduce the number of batches max Opened Batches, so that the provider can open several trades at the same time, or right one by one. You can also change the number of batches not trade, that will increase the spread and the fluctuation of the trade. I advise you to adapt your account has your cash in hand, and with the risks which you are ready has to take to gain your KING (return on investment). There exists a great number of providers in Zulutrade, there is recommended to open at least an account demonstration in order to familiarize itself with the platform of Zulutrade, before opening one in reality of them.

how paramêtrer zulutrade

The majority of the parameters which you have the possibility of modifying find under the Settings mitre (in French, parameters of account), once to connect on your account. start initially with each function.
- Max Open Batches
This adjustment refers to the full number of batches which can be open and/or in hand constantly on your account. C is a Pull-down menu comprising a selection of 1 has 500, unbounded adjustment at the end. For example, you have 2 providers selected and you have your max open batches regulated has 5. A provider has 2 trades opened, and an order in progress, therefore on the whole 3 batches. Whereas the other providers has 2 trades opened, that is to say a total of 5 batches all together, and equalizes your adjustment of max open batches of 5. Thus, more no trade can be carried out or places under the mitre orders in progress. As if you notice as one of your providers selected, opens new a trade under its history of trades, on the section performance of our page D reception, but this trade is never arrives on your account, it is because you exceeded your maximum of opened batches, and that N is not authorizes.
Batches By Provider
Concurrently to each provider, you will notice a pull-down menu entitles “Batches”. This selection refers to the full number of batches which will be trades for each trade individual by this provider. This selection varies from 1 has 50, with different incriminations. If one refers to the preceding example of 5 open batches max, when a provider opens 2 trades and equalizes 2 batches, this east is if your batches by providers is regulated on 1. If it were regulated on 2, then these 2 trades would be equivalent has 4 batches, thus it will remain to you only the possibility of opening that only one batch.
- button Stop/Start

That refers to activation or not your account, according to if the button currently posts a red stop, or a green indication of start. You have the possibility of choosing one or the other constantly, start or stop, (to start or stop) of receiving trades on your account. When you open for the first time your account, the button will be already active and ready has to receive trades. By selecting stop on your activity of trading, you will not have any more the possibility of placing trades on your account.
- Max Batches
This adjustment is beside the name of each provider, and refers to the maximum of open batches that a provider fear of placing on your account. If for example you have 10 opened batches max, with 2 providers selected with 1 batch by trade, and 5 batches for batches max, then each provider can only have 5 open batches each one has one moment gives, thus filling the open batches max for the selection with your account.
- Configuration
This adjustment is with the right-hand side of the name of each provider. While selecting it, you will arrive on a new page with all the pairs of currencies are posted. The initial adjustment for all the pairs is 1 batch for each pair. You can however change this adjustment, in order to have as many batches as wish it to you for each pair of currencies than you wish trader by signal provider.
- Reverse
Is a check box beside the name of the provider which you selected on your account. C is a fact that some of the providers (salesmen of signals), do not transmit good councils. And even worse than that, it happens that their forecasts are so false that he can be advantageous to make the opposite of what they suggest. Thus when they advise you to buy, sell, and vice versa. When reversed, some of worst the providers exceed the perf most of the time even best the providers. Click on the Reverse box and even see by you has which point some providers can be advantageous.
- Limit, Stop, Trail, and Not Dead (breakeven)
These parameters are also concurrently to each provider that you selected on your account. Limit is a parameter that if set up by a customer or a provider that will close the trade on a profit gives. Stop is parameters which if set up by a customer or a provider that will close the trade on a given loss. Trail is a following stop which follows the trade to the fur has as it is advantageous. Breakeven or Not Dead is the number of pips that a trade must generate in profit before qu a stop either place at the dead point. You have the possibility of manually making these adjustments when a provider carries out tradings on your account, on the parameters page of account.

how to be registered zulutrade has

Opening of an account Live (=REEL) at Zulutrade to open an account with Zulu-Trade, please visit our banner page zulutrade.com, select “to open an account live” in top of the page. From, fill the necessary informations, and a little later once your account is financed, and you will be able to receive free signals for your car-trading. The minimum deposit for a Mini Account required by our companies of broking is of 300$. However, we advise you to make a minimum deposit of 1000$ on your mini account. If you wish a standard account, we recommend to you a setting of funds of 15.000$. Moreover we offer the mini one count in AUD, Euro, GBP and JPY.

how to use zulutrade

Key points to include/understand and use Zulu trade: 1. to open an account (DEMONSTRATION several times) then REAL when you are ready (to refer to the process of inscription on http://zulutradeonline.com) 2. to parameterize your account by complying with simple rules, choose suppliers of signals (=signal providers) according to one or more criteria (if you do not know by where starting take the suppliers of signals the most followed by the community of the Zulutrade users). Limit the number of batches opened by suppliers of signals in such way that the indicator margin cal-O-meter does not exceed 100%, or 200% if you are ready to take of them more risks. Limit the maximum number of batches total according to your capital. (prudential rule which I use: divide your capital by 4 (I advise to invest that 25% of its capital and the 75% remainder are used as margin of funds). Concrete case: for a capital of 1000$, 1000$/4=250$ to be invested to the maximum simultaneously on a micro account (1 pip = 0.1$), each tradé batch corresponds to 5$ of your capital. You could thus trader 250$/5$=50 micro batches.

cost of a micro transfer fxcm

To my knowledge, there are no expenses to carry out a payment on an account FXCM nor to carry out a withdrawal. More information on site FXCM

must one declare what one gains while boursicotant

Yes. The most been worth must be declared in the register of the BNC (noncommercial benefit) not professionals if you in addition have a pro activity or professionals if it is your only activity. More click here.

to make L money quickly purse

Is Zulutrade a means to make money quickly? Yes certainly. Is it a means to lose its money quickly? Yes certainly. The purse and the trading on FOREX are an activity at the risk. To use a system which minimizes the risks is an significant advantage compared with the user lambda. Now, the risk is not null. You follow experts but it happens that experts fail. I advise you much humility, of reflexions on the parameter setting of the options on zulutrade, to take your time, to inform you about the forums, sites where the users of the platform zulu explain their experiments.

to make trading on Internet

There are several ways of doing of the trading on Internet: 1. the trading on actions (return on boursorama) of average volatility opened to everyone,
2. the trading on the derivative products with the actions (warrants, certificates, trackers) very volatile, reserved with the traders of advanced level,
3. the trading on currencies (FOREX) slightly volatile, reserve with advanced traders.
Zulutrade belongs to the third category.
Another important criterion of trading is the duration of the trading, i.e. how long you leave your trade in position:
a. TCT: very short term, a few minutes at a few hours max
B. CT: short term, less than 3 days.
C. MT: medium term, a few weeks in a few months
D. LT: long run, higher than 1 year
E. TLT: very long run, higher than 5 years.
Zulutrade, the FOREX in general, the horizon of trading is between TCT and CT.
Another criterion to be taken into account is your availability: all the time available, once by day, once by week, or less time than that. Your availability in the case of determines your horizon of trading except a system of trading automated, like Zulutrade, because that enables you to free yourselves from the temporal constraint.
The automated trading exists in 2 forms:
* first is you made very A to Z, you define by a computer software like meta trader scenarios of standpoint and scenarios of exit of position. It is necessary to configure according to the technical analysis, the fundamental analysis, the environmental market research,… I think that this approach requires very great competences in trading.
* the second approach consists in following people who propose their system of trading freely. Zulutrade, as Collective2 are sites which centralize all the people who propose their system of trading.
The interest of Zulutrade is to post in all transparency the performances of the suppliers of signals and to be able automatically to convert the orders of experts on your account. I advise you to test Zulutrade for one month in DEMONSTRATION (free)

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